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Mrs. A was becoming progressively worse physically and mentally. Everyone was concerned but every attempt to make her talk or do anything for herself had been unsuccessful. One afternoon, I went to her and asked, “In order for you to get better, … Continue reading

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CMS Announces Expansion of Psychiatric Services for Seniors

Excellent news from the McKnight’s They mentioned older adults in general and those in nursing homes. I hope that means those in assisted living facilities (ALF) and other long-term care settings will also benefit. Behavioral challenges associated with dementia may … Continue reading

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Spring Forward

Spring is near. My neighbor used to bring me flowers from her garden all the time. That always brought a smile to my face. You can also “bring” your garden to your elderly friends and relatives. Bring flowers or pictures … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter This is an excellent article, and extremely timely. This is the type of discussion we engage in on a regular basis. Dying is terrifying for some, but living isn’t necessarily easier. My favorite piece of advice: “Considering palliative care, … Continue reading

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Supper Time

*I promised the two individuals who inspired me to write this piece that I would “publish” it somewhere some day. After being turned down twice elsewhere, I figure it’s best I post it on my own blog. *** The hallway … Continue reading

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It is a fine line. The American Psychologist recently published updated guidelines on our role in medication management: It seems to me that the emphasis is on those with prescribing rights, and those already collaborating with prescribing providers. The rest … Continue reading

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